ASouth Korean authorities found cameras in around 40 voting locations across the country, triggering a hunt for two men behind the act.

According to the BBC, the pair helped a YouTuber – arrested last week – install the cameras at polling stations and counting tables.

Early voting for the South Korean parliamentary elections takes place on Friday and Saturday, while ‘normal’ voting is scheduled for April 10.

The men authorities are now looking for – one in his 50s and the other in his 70s – are accused of illegally entering private property and violating security laws, according to the South Korean news agency. Yonhap.

The ‘influencer’ arrested last week has an extreme right-wing political inclination, speaking on several occasions about his concern about possible manipulations in the electoral act in the content he publishes online.

When questioned after his arrest about the charges, the man explained that he “wanted to know the number of people who voted in advance”, according to the Straits Times, because “he suspected disparities between [os resultados da] early voting and normal voting”.

South Korea goes to vote on April 10 to elect the 300 deputies who make up its National Assembly. The last election for this body in the country took place in 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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