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It’s the ideal season to eat squash but also sweet potatoes. This slightly sweet vegetable is perfect for this fall period. We particularly appreciate it roasted in the oven or even as a gratin. The problem ? Sometimes we forget them in our kitchen and find them sprouted. So can we still eat them? We answer the question in this article.

The question arises regularly when one of our vegetables begins to sprout. We often think that the latter cannot be consumed. Indeed, like potatoes, if you keep sweet potatoes for too long, sprouts appear, which doesn’t really make you want to cook them. However, you can eat them without risk, obviously provided that you remove all the germs. Be careful though, if these germs start to be really important, it is better not to take any risks. If they are small, you can remove them and prepare your sweet potato for your next meal.

Sprouts do not necessarily mean that the vegetable is no longer good. However, certain signs should alert you so as not to take any health risks, such as when you feel that the flesh is soft and that the sweet potato gives off an unpleasant odor. It’s the same thing when it oozes. In these cases, we trust our senses and our instincts. It is better not to cook those vegetables that appear to be rotten. It is best to throw them away. Finally, if you don’t notice anything visually but your sweet potato tastes bitter and slightly burns your taste buds, this is also a sign that it should not be eaten.


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