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In 2022, global egg production would be estimated at nearly 79.6 million. Boiled, omelette or scrambled: eggs are particularly popular. It must be said that with the trend of brunches, this product now has a place of choice on our plate and it is also almost essential for making many preparations.

We often ask ourselves the question of whether they can be used beyond their expiry date. Today we answer this question!

For some foods, once the expiry date has passed, it is imperative to throw them away. Nevertheless, this is not the case for eggs.

Indeed, ANSES explains that the eggs are annotated with the recommended consumption statement (DCR) which is 28 days. Gold the latter corresponds to a date of minimum durability. So “the eggs can therefore be eaten several weeks after this date when the hygiene rules have been respected and provided that they are not broken or cracked”.

Nevertheless, eating eggs some time after this date is not without consequences. The health organization therefore specifies: “they will lose their physical emulsifying properties for the yolk and foaming for the white, making it more difficult to prepare mayonnaise or egg white”.

It’s important to Store the eggs well to keep them for as long as possible.. For this, it is necessary to put them in the fridge.

Indeed, thanks to the cold, the multiplication of bacteria is slowed down, thus reducing the risk of contamination. However, contrary to popular belief, the refrigerator door is not a good option for storing eggs. With repeated opening, they are frequently subjected to thermal shocks. This weakens their shell and promotes the penetration of germs inside. In addition, heat fluctuations can also alter the taste, quality but also the texture of the product. Thus, the conservation of eggs can be degraded and reduced considerably. That is why, they should be kept on the middle shelves of the refrigerator to ensure they are kept at a cool and constant temperature.

And to know if your egg is fresh, we have found the ultimate trick!


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