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To avoid waste, many of us use the freezer. This device allows you to extend the life of food thanks to very significant cooling. You still have to know how to use it!

Whether you bought a product on promotion in the “short date” section to save money or simply because you forgot it in the refrigerator, you end up with products whose expiration date fast approaching? Please note that there is no need to throw them away! We share with you the good method for freezing them and enjoy them even after their expiration date.

Thanks to cold, the development of bacteria responsible for the deterioration of meat, vegetables, fruits or even fish is slowed down. It is therefore entirely possible to freeze a product whose expiry date has not yet passed, even if it is very close. On the other hand, we advise you toavoid freezing food that has already expired. Indeed, the product may already contain significant bacteria.

According to Afsca, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, products frozen close to their expiry date can be kept for a maximum of two months.

The only caution: it is advisable to freeze them very quickly after purchase, respecting the cold chain, but also to pay particular attention when storing. defrosting. Indeed, to avoid the risk of new bacteria developing which could be dangerous to health, the product will have to be cooked quickly.

As the expiry date is no longer adequate, you only have one solution left to check that a product is still consumable: appeal to your senses. When defrosting your piece of meat or vegetables, check the color, odors and also the appearance of the product before consuming it.


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