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While some use plastic boxes to keep their food or leftover meals cool, others swear by freezer bags. In addition to being practical and durable, they could be reusable. What is it really ? We’ll answer you!

According to an article from the New York Postbut also for the brand Albal, The answer is yes ! The latter simply recommends cleaning each freezer bag meticulously with hot water after use. Then let it air dry or blot it with a clean cloth and it will be as good as new! If it seems to be in poor condition, don’t take the risk and throw it away. The brand also specifies that bags used to store bread or solid foods are much easier to reuse than those having closed liquid or fatty preparations.

Like all plastic products such as boxes, reuse must be limited to a few uses to avoid the risk of damage and release of plastic particles. For more sustainable use, you can opt for ecological and washable products.

Even though freezer bags can be reused, this action is strongly discouraged in certain cases. If they have contained raw meat, fish, eggs, spoiled food or any ingredient that could cause you an allergy, it’s simple: get rid of them. This simple action will undoubtedly save you from food poisoning or other similar inconveniences.


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