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Traditionally, Candlemas is celebrated on Friday February 2. And to accompany your delicious pancakes, there’s nothing like a quality spread. According to data from the application, Yuka has shared the three best references to find on the shelves of our supermarkets.

According to the classification carried out by the Yuka application, the spread created by the Funky Veggie brand particularly stands out. With a score of 82/100, the latter appeals with its low calorie content, as well as its excellent quantity of fiber. The only downside: like a large number of products of this type, this reference contains a little too much sugar (30 g per 100 g of spread). His plus? In addition to its taste and nutritional qualities, it comes in three flavors that are very popular with consumers. In addition to the traditional hazelnut spread, the 100% made in France company also offers two other variants decorated with peanuts and praline. On second place on the podium, the hazelnut spread from the Ivoria brand (Intermarché) obtained a score of 48/100 despite some reservations linked to its quantity of calories and sugar. The chocolate-hazelnut spread from Jardin Bio, which displays a similar score, takes third position in the ranking. due to its excessive amount of saturated fats.


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