“N“There are no compelling reasons” that justify holding a trial, the British Supreme Court ruled today, because “whatever the merit of the statement (…) the request for “compensation or payment of damages is doomed to failure”.

Judge Karen Steyn considered that Donald Trump was unable to “formulate a viable action that had a real chance of success (…) and chose to let many years pass”, saying she also believed that the former President intended, mainly, ” defend its reputation” through this legal action.

Trump, candidate for the Republican Party nomination for the US presidential elections in November, appealed to the High Court in London to ask for the application of data protection law to this document, which gathered unverified information and mentioned an alleged video of a sexual nature .

The 77-year-old former President of the USA took this legal action against the private company of the former British intelligence service agent (MI6), Orbis Business Intelligence, and demanded compensation for moral damages.

The action targeted in particular two points in this report, namely those describing the alleged orgies that Donald Trump had participated in in Saint Petersburg, as well as other alleged encounters with prostitutes in Moscow.

Commissioned by Democrats during the 2016 US election campaign, Christopher Steele’s report fueled special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which, after two years, concluded that there was evidence of Russian interference in the election campaign, but not of collusion with Donald Trump’s team.

If the former North American President recognizes that the Orbis consultancy is not responsible for publishing the report, he believes that it was the company that processed the data contained in the document.

The report also mentions exchanges of information over almost a decade with the Kremlin and suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been “supporting and directing” for “at least five years” an operation to promote Donald Trump’s candidacy. Trump to the North American presidential elections.

Lawyers for the company Orbis stated that their clients were “not responsible” for the possible damage to Donald Trump’s reputation, caused by the publication of the document without his knowledge, and that the process had the sole objective of “harassing Orbis and Steele”. .

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2493194/justica-do-reino-unido-rejeita-acao-de-trump-contra-ex-espiao-britanico

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