Cat Janice, the woman who was moved by her fight against cancer and composed a song to raise funds for her son, died this February 28 surrounded by her family. This was announced by her loved ones through her Instagram account.

“From her childhood home and surrounded by her loving family, Catherine peacefully entered into the light and love of her heavenly creator. We are eternally grateful for the outpouring of love that Catherine and our family have received over the past few months. Cat has seen her music go places she never expected and rests in peace knowing that she will continue to provide for her son through her music. This would not have been possible without all of you,” you can read in the Instagram post.

The cancer Cat Janice fought against

In November 2021, Cat Janice felt a mass in her neck that grew over the following months. After going to doctors, she was detected with a rare malignant tumor.

The woman underwent surgery and later chemotherapy. He carried out this hard process without stopping uploading content to his social networks.

After treatment, doctors told him that the cancer had completely disappeared, but after several checkups they found that the disease was still in his body.

The cancer ended up metastasizing to the lungs. Given her discouraging diagnosis, she decided to dedicate her last days of life to composing a song for her 7-year-old son called ‘Dance you outta my head’. Her desire was to leave him a musical and economic legacy, since the profits from the single would be for the little one’s future.
“If I’m not going to be here in a couple of weeks I want to release something, make a final farewell. I had breakup and sad songs, but I wanted to release something fun,” Cat Janice expressed weeks ago.

“One minute you’re slow dancing in the arms of your husband and your amazing baby. The next minute you’re in the hospital hearing the news. “I am not afraid because I know that I have many loved ones around me and I will be with my creator,” he added.

On January 19, 2024, the singer released Dance You out of my head. On YouTube alone, the song has almost a million views.


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