In mothers month, This is a touching story about a mother’s instinct in the animal world and whose protagonist is a cat.

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A cat has become the surrogate mother of the chicks on a farm and has raised a hundred. He cleans them, cuddles them, carries them and brings them back. The tender cat seems to be convinced that the farm’s chicks are her children.

Jangiz Hamad found the feline in his garden six years ago and started feeding it. He never left home again. Her surprise came when he saw her interact with the chicks.

“I bought some chicks at the market and brought them home. She began to mingle with them, At first I was afraid thinking that she would eat them. He pushed her, but she kept coming back to them,” said Jangiz Hamad.

Since then, she has been the chicks’ surrogate mother. According to Hamad, She has raised about 100, because every two months she brings between 20 and 30 for her to take care of. This time is special, because They mix indistinguishably with the kittens she recently had.

Hamad emphasized what a good mother the feline turned out to be: “The cat plays a better role than the hen in raising the chicks, she takes care of them very well. Of ten chicks, only one dies, the rest are well raised by her.”

Dedicated, affectionate and playful, an extraordinary mother.

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