The American Government removed Cuba from the list of countries that do not fully cooperate with counterterrorism effortsThe State Department confirmed this Wednesday, May 15, 2024, to EFE.

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He noted that “The circumstances for Cuba’s certification as a country not fully cooperating with counterterrorism efforts (NFCC) have changed from 2022 to 2023“. Therefore, the Department did not certify Cuba as a “non-fully cooperating country” for calendar year 2023, under Section 40A of the Arms Export Control Act.”

However, this ministry clarifies that the designation of State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST, in English), which make up Iran, Syria, North Korea and Cuba, is totally independent of the NFCC certification process.

The US Government recalled that Cuba’s refusal to collaborate with Colombia in requests for the extradition of members of the National Liberation Army guerrilla (ELN) promoted the NFCC certification of Cuba in 2022.

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According to the State Department, in August 2022, pursuant to an order from Colombian President Gustavo Petro, the Colombian Attorney General’s Office announced that Arrest warrants against 17 ELN commanders would be suspended, including those whose extradition to Colombia had previously been requested by Cuba.

However, he stressed that the United States and Cuba resumed police cooperation in 2023, including in the fight against terrorism. Therefore, the Department determined that continuing to certify Cuba as a “not fully cooperating country” was no longer appropriate.

In that sense, the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez, applauded the measure on the X network. The United States “has just admitted what is known to everyone: that Cuba collaborates fully with efforts against terrorism.”

However, he added that “should stop all political manipulation of the issue and put an end to our arbitrary and unjust inclusion on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism“.

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