A The demonstration was called to Plaza Catalunya by several pro-independence movements, such as the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Òmnium Cultural, the Intersindical Union, the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI) and the Consell per la Republica.

The anniversary of the referendum coincides with the negotiations for the formation of the Government of Spain and days after the independence parties approved in Parliament a resolution that subjects the investiture of the socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, to the establishment of conditions for the celebration of a referendum.

The president of the ANC, Dolors Feliu, criticized the fact that the agenda of the pro-independence parties dealt more with amnesty than with the “materialization of the independence of Catalonia”, referring to the insistence on obtaining a pardon for the independence leaders accused of the crime of promoting a referendum that is not recognized by the Spanish Constitution.

“Any amnesty must be linked to the recognition of Catalonia’s freedom, the freedom to exercise the right to self-determination and independence. There is no other way,” said Feliu, in one of the most applauded speeches.

The president of Òmnium Cultural, Xavier Antich, has defended the amnesty of the referendum process as a way for “the State to recognize that voting is not a crime”.

Antich’s defense of amnesty was met by numerous participants with whistles of disagreement, followed by shouts of “Independence”.

The political interventions were interspersed with slogans such as “Puigdemont, our president”, “October 1st, neither forgetfulness nor forgiveness”.

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