The brutal behavior of the group, which consists in part of convicted murderers and thugs, is now being felt in the Russian resort. According to the Russian “Astra Media Group”, the men are organizing fights among themselves, arguing with local residents and also attacking hotel staff. Gerashchenko shared a video on Twitter in which such scenes should be seen. Whether the recordings are real cannot be verified.

“They drink from seven in the morning”

A hotel employee is said to have said to “Astra”: “They drink alcohol from seven in the morning, have fun with prostitutes, the conditions in their rooms are unhygienic.” This is also shown by recordings shared by the Ukrainian politician in his video. The authenticity of these images cannot be conclusively verified either.

“The doorman was almost strangled by a Wagner fighter”

Sometimes even the Russian National Guard has to step in to restore order. Another hotel worker explained: “The porter was almost strangled by a guest from the Wagner fighters, he thought he had stolen money from him, but it was in the safe in the room. There was also a case where a mercenary went to the toilet on the bed – the maid didn’t want to clean it.”

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin’s mercenaries were not known for their squeamishness or high standards of morality. They went through Ukraine murdering and plundering and were also involved in war crimes. After the mercenary coup attempt at the end of June, the troops were disbanded. The fighters are to be added to the regular Russian army.

Surf tip: Russia – The dissolution of the Wagner group will be followed by murder and manslaughter


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