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Social networks, cookbooks, television shows or appearances on the radio, chefs happily share their recipe ideas and good expert advice to their fans. And Jean-François Piège, the chef of the gastronomic establishment Le Grand Restaurant has lots of things to tell us about limiting waste!

During an interview broadcast on the show Clique on Canal+, chef Jean-François Piège returned to his many economical zero waste tips that avoid wasting everyday products. Broccoli stalks, stale bread or croissants, cheese crusts, coffee grounds… Discover the best techniques to stop wasting food!

@clique_tv “You can make waffles with stale croissants.” – The 5 anti-waste techniques from starred chef Jean-François Piège. #cuisine#French cuisine#chefetoile#zerogaspi#antigaspi#jeanfrancoispiege#clique son original – Clique TV

If you have dry bread, the cook advises mixing it finely and long enough to make bread flour. You can then use it to make shortbread and even why not, make bread!

After a trip to the bakery and despite your sweet tooth, do you still have croissants? To avoid eating them stale the next day, try this chef’s tip. Place the dry croissant in a container and mix it with a little cream, eggs and a small amount of vanilla or orange blossom extract using a hand blender. The resulting dough can then be used in a waffle iron!

To avoid throwing away the cheese rinds, you can slip them into your cheese béchamel or Mornay sauce preparations. But not only ! The chef explains that you can also use it in a dashi to make a real cheese soup! Simply place the crusts in a volume of mineral water for 24 hours then heat it and infuse.

Do you have any coffee left after your morning cup? Don’t throw it away! Place the liquid in a dish and place it in the freezer with a square of sugar and lemon zest.if we want to give a little delirium”, explains the chef. Once frozen, scrape the mixture with a fork: you get a delicious granita!

Finally, with the stalks of broccoli that we tend to throw away, chef Jean-François Piège suggests making pickles. Simply peel and cut them into pieces before adding them to a jar with white vinegar, coriander, chilli, pepper and tarragon. Keep it refrigerated for at least 15 days and you will see “it tastes crazy”, assures the chef!


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