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Did you know that eating chia every day is very beneficial for your health? These seeds, which are gaining more and more fans, are highly recommended by nutrition experts for those who wish to adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

Consuming chia is an excellent strategy to avoid cravings and snacking. This seed is known to form a gel in the stomach. By absorbing water, it swells and increases the feeling of satiety.

By including chia in your daily diet, you will notice that hunger between meals will take longer to arrive. But that’s not all, chia is an interesting source of omega 3. Chia seed oil is also one of the best sources to stock up on it.

The high content in fiber and protein chia makes it an important ally for digestion and intestinal regulation. But there is no need to overdo it in your weekly consumption. Experts recommend ingest up to 2 tablespoons per day. This is the quantity considered ideal.

By adding chia to dishes like fruits, juices, smoothies, you help reduce the glycemic index of these foods. In this case, glucose is absorbed more slowly, thus avoiding insulin spikes.

And how can you start introducing these seeds into your meals? In addition to including chia in sweet and savory recipes, it is possible to include it in your usual everyday recipes:

Chia instead of eggs: the gel formed when chia comes into contact with water becomes an excellent substitute for eggs in your recipes. Simply mix a tablespoon of chia flour with 60ml of water to form the gel, which is equivalent to one egg.

Chia with yogurt: Chia is a great breakfast option and you can simply mix it with yogurt. To speed up your morning routine, prepare the mixture the day before: add 2 tablespoons of chia to the yogurt and leave it in the refrigerator. In the morning, consume with fruit.

Chia with juice: Soak two tablespoons of chia in your fruit juice (coconut water can also be used) for about 30 minutes. Drink right away!

Chia salad: the seeds add crunch to your salad, with an effect similar to sesame.

Chia with vegetables or rice: Another easy way to add chia to your routine is to add it to cooked vegetables or even rice.

Chia to bind dishes: Chia flour is a great – and nutritious – option for thickening or binding recipes in place of cornstarch. It can be used in creams, broths and sauces.

Chia in breadcrumb form: chia seeds can always be used instead of breadcrumbs: use one tablespoon of chia and one tablespoon of chia flour per 500g of meat.


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