Beijing stated this Thursday, March 14, 2024, that it will take “all necessary measures” to protect the interests of their companies abroad, after the US House of Representatives approved a bill that would force TikTok to cut ties with its Chinese parent company if it does not want to expose itself to a ban.

“The United States should respect the principles of market economics and fair competition, (and) stop unfairly repressing foreign companies”declared He Yadong, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

The spokesperson added that Beijing “will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.”

Washington should also “provide an open, equitable, fair and non-discriminatory environment for foreign companies to invest and operate in the United States,” He added.

TikTok has been in the crosshairs of US authorities for several months, amid accusations that this social network allows the Government of China spy on and manipulate its 170 million users in the United Stateswhich the company flatly denies.

The US House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday forcing Tiktok to separate from its Chinese parent company, Bytedance. Otherwise, the application of short videos would be prohibited in the North American country.

The initiative still has to go through the Senate, where it is expected to face more resistance than in the lower house, since Some legislators oppose a measure they consider too drastic.

For his part, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Wang Wenbin, stated that “the bill approved (in the lower house) places the United States on the opposite side of the principles of free competition and international rules of economy and commerce”.

“When someone sees that someone else has something good and tries to take it away, that is criminal logic,” Wang added.


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