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In terms of guilty culinary pleasure, fast food largely dethrones chocolates and other ice creams. However, when consumed wisely and carefully selected, certain products considered too fatty, sweet or salty can easily find their place in your diet. It is to doctor Jimmy Mohamed that comes the heavy task of clarifying all this. Follow the leader !

If you eat fried, salty and sugary foods at every meal, it is certain that your health can only be negatively impacted. Conversely, as Doctor Jimmy Mohamed explains, “if it’s occasional”, or 2 or 2 times a month, “this will not pose any problem”.

Taking the time to eat, chew and enjoy the dishes is also very important. This will not only allow your body to prepare for digestion, but also your brain to truly appreciate the moment it is having. You will then be less likely to want to eat fast food again in the days to come because you will have fully enjoyed the moment.

If there is one other point to take into account: the quality of the fast food and the choice of products. On this subject, on this subject, the doctor is clear: “The biggest fattening thing at fast food is fries.”. Although potatoes are not initially very caloric, cooking them in oil ends up making them very fatty. Jimmy Mohamed therefore advises avoiding fries as a side dish, or opting for a reduced portion.

Regarding sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, white, Algerian, biggy or even Andalusian sauce turn out to be very fatty and sweet. Once again, nothing is forbidden, of course, but it is best to consume them in small quantities.

Finally, all fast food restaurants today offer salads. However, the salad dressings that accompany them are often very high in calories. The doctor recommends treating yourself to a good burger or wrap during your next trip to a fast food restaurant, instead of settling for a salad with a high-calorie sauce and for which the real pleasure of eating will not be appointment.


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