A Japanese police are investigating the causes of the accident between a Japan Airlines plane and a Coast Guard aircraft, on the runway at Janeda International Airport, in Tokyo, Japan, on Tuesday.

According to Nikkei Asia, the strong possibility of a case of negligence is on the table.

It is recalled that after the collision, the Airbus A350 was engulfed in flames, with all 379 passengers on board, including crew, being safely evacuated. There were six people on the Coast Guard plane, with only one surviving, the commander.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police said this Wednesday that they are investigating the possibility of professional negligence, which resulted in deaths and injuries. The authorities confirmed that they are investigating what happened, but refuse to confirm whether they are analyzing the hypothesis of negligence.

It is known, however, and according to a statement from Japan Airlines, that its aircraft received authorization to land. According to air traffic control recordings available on LiveATC.net, the JAL plane was authorized to land at 5:45 pm local time, minutes before the collision.

It remains to be determined why the Coast Guard plane was on the runway. The first indication is that both received authorization from the control tower, and the communications of the two devices are being investigated.

Broadcaster NHK reported that instructions from the control tower were for the device to remain close to the runway.

“An obvious question is whether the Coast Guard plane was on the runway and, if so, why,” said Paul Hayes, director of air safety at British consultancy firm Ascend by Cirium, as cited by Reuters.

The investigation continues and one of the main concerns will be recovering the black boxes with flight data and voice recordings from the cockpit.

According to experts, the location of the accident means that physical evidence, radar data and witness reports or camera images will be available, which will facilitate the task of determining the causes of the accident.

Meanwhile, the Japan Safety Transport Board (JTSB) says it is also carrying out its own investigation into the accident, which involves the collaboration of French and British authorities, as the Airbus plane was built in France and its Rolls engines -Royce were manufactured in Britain.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2472270/colisao-entre-dois-avioes-no-japao-podera-ter-acontecido-por-negligencia

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