Juan Gonzalo Ospina, the Spanish lawyer who represents the family of Edwin Arrieta, will testify as a witness on behalf of the family in the trial in Thailand of Daniel Sancho, accused of having murdered and dismembered him.

The Ospina Abogados firm announced this Sunday, April 21, in a statement that the Court of Koh Samui, before which Sancho – son of the Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho – is being tried, has accepted the lawyer’s appearance as a witness, and it is expected that Your declaration will be on April 23 or 24.

“Juan Gonzalo Ospina will travel to Thailand in the next few hours, where He will remain the necessary days to fulfill the Arrieta family’s assignment. and guarantee the correct procedural line of the case in this phase,” the statement reports.

The statement must limit itself to responding to its direct knowledge of the case and the economic circumstances in which the family has been left., for which it will ratify the reports already provided to the process. In addition, he will convey the family’s gratitude and trust to the Court and Thailand.

Why don’t you declare a family member?

The Thai legal team appointed by the family of Edwin Arrieta and which exercises co-prosecution with the Prosecutor’s Office, had established and accepted the statement of a direct relative or trusted person of the family to illustrate to the court the human damage that this crime had caused. and the situation of economic helplessness produced.

Once the testimonies are accepted, It was initially attempted for this appearance to be by videoconference. However, technical circumstances and the difficulty caused by the time change ruled out this route.

As an alternative, it was considered that Darling Arrieta, Edwin’s sister, would travel to Thailand, but the need for a visa made the deadlines to obtain it an insurmountable obstacle. to comply with the request of the Court.

Finally, and as a last option, it was considered that someone trusted by the family could hold this appearance.

Initially, someone in Thailand was considered, but this option was discouraged by members of the Thai legal team, who recommended that it be someone who spoke Spanish.

After several meetings with the legal team of Colombia and Thailand, it has been decided that it should be Ospina “at the express request of the family as a person they trust.”

The Thai Prosecutor’s Office accuses Daniel Sancho of the premeditated murder of Edwin Arrieta and two other crimes, that of hiding the body and destroying other people’s documentation, due to the Colombian’s passport, and The Spaniard faces a maximum sentence of the death penalty.

Sancho and Arrieta had met in 2022 through Instagram and saw each other several times in Spain before meeting on the Thai tourist island of Phangan.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/abogado-del-colombiano-edwin-arrieta-testificara-en-nombre-de-familia-en-juicio-a-daniel-sancho-cb20

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