The Colombian passport opens doors to multiple destinations where it is possible to stay up to a year without the need for a prior visa.

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This advantage makes Colombia an exceptional starting point for long-term travelers.

That way, we tell you the countries you can enter with your passport and stay there for up to a year.

Countries that can stay up to one year

1. Europa

On the European continent, Colombians have access to a wide range of destinations without requiring a visa. Some of the destinations that you can visit with just your passport are:

  • United Kingdom: home to the city of London and a rich history.
  • Greece: with its impressive islands and archaeological sites.
  • Spain: offers a mix of culture, history and sunny beaches.
  • Germany: It also offers landscapes and history of its culture.
  • Italia: cradle of art, fashion and gastronomy.
  • France: with Paris as its brightest jewel.
  • Swiss: famous for its majestic mountains and precise clocks.

2. America

On the American continent, Colombians also have interesting options:

  • Chile: with its geographical diversity, from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia.
  • Argentina: offers tango, wines and impressive landscapes.
  • Brazil: with its white sand beaches and the Amazon jungle.
  • Mexico: with its culture, Mayan ruins and Caribbean beaches.
  • Uruguay: a peaceful destination with beautiful beaches and rich history.

3. Other destinations

In addition to Europe and America, there are other exciting places that Colombians can travel to with just their passport:

  • Israel: with its ancient history and urban life.
  • Maldives: for lovers of diving and paradisiacal beaches.
  • Hong Kong: A dynamic metropolis with a mix of cultures.
  • South Korea: a mix of tradition and modernity in this country. Although here you can stay for 90 days with the option of requesting extensions that can take up to a year.

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