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Recipes de Mãe launches 2 more new books for you to enjoy at this festive time!

Christmas is always a special date! It’s a time to share with your family, to be grateful for all the good things we have in our lives and to share… Share hope, good times, happiness, peace, gratitude and a good meal.

In the book Recipes for Christmas Dinner, you will find more than 50 recipe options to create the perfect Christmas dinner. There are meats, side dishes, salads, drinks, pasta, turkey, chester, savory panettone, lentils and much more to make your Christmas Eve even more special.

You will also see many tips for planning your dinner avoiding the usual Christmas rush.

There are 90 colorful pages and all the recipes with photos to inspire you.

Recipe from Check out Mother's Recipes Christmas books - Cover-Candy-for-Christmas1-282x400

The book Sweets for Christmas will help you finish Christmas dinner in style.

There are 50 dessert options to make your Christmas Eve even more special. Cakes, pies, panettone, rosca de reis, pavês, ice creams, puddings, cookies and much more.

With this book you will easily see the best dessert options for Christmas, considering flavor and practicality.

Enjoy these two books at a great price, Christmas sale!

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Enjoy yourself!

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