O The attack will be the subject of an emergency meeting of the Security Council and a call by the G7 today.

Here are more international reactions to the attacks:

Afghan Taliban claim Iran acted in “self-defense”

The Taliban’s interim government said today that Iran acted in “self-defense” by launching an attack with hundreds of drones and missiles against Israel, and called on the international community to “stop the crimes” in Tel Aviv to avoid an escalation of the crisis. .

According to the Taliban Foreign Ministry, Tel Aviv tried to “divert the world’s attention” from the “genocide” of more than 33,000 Gazans in just over six months, after Hamas launched an attack against Israel on October 7 , which killed more than a thousand people.

Qatar calls for “maximum restraint”

The Government of Qatar today expressed “deep concern” about the situation in the Middle East following Iran’s attacks on Israel and called on all parties to “promote calm”, “exercise maximum restraint” and “put an end” to the climbing.

Iraq calls for conflict not to spread in the Middle East

The Iraqi President today called for a “reduction of tensions” in the Middle East, while asking that the conflict not “spread”, following Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel.

Referring to “recent developments in the region and their repercussions”, President Abdel Latif Rachid also highlighted, in a statement, “the need to put an end to the aggression against the Gaza Strip and to find a solution to the Palestinian issue, a as this is a fundamental element for the stability of the region”.

UAE urges parties to avoid measures that could exacerbate tensions

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) today asked parties involved in the Middle East conflict to avoid measures that could “exacerbate tensions” and called for “an end to escalation” following Iran’s attack on Israel, in a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

The note urges the parties to “exercise maximum restraint to avoid dangerous repercussions” and to dialogue, stating that the region “should not be dragged into new levels of instability”.

The UAE also calls on the “United Nations Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities to strengthen international peace by resolving chronic problems and conflicts in the region that threaten global security and stability.”

Egypt calls for “maximum containment”

Egypt, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called for “maximum containment” and warned of the “risk of regional expansion of the conflict”.

Tunisia speaks of events with “great concern”

Tunisia indicated today that it follows “with great concern” the evolution of the situation in the Middle East and reaffirmed the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities to preserve security and stability in the region.

In this sense, he recalled “his previous warnings about the serious consequences of giving ‘carte blanche’ to the Zionist entity [Israel] and to remain silent about its continued violation of international law.”

Russia calls for calm

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has appealed to “all parties involved” for “restraint” following Saturday night’s and early morning Iranian attacks on Israel.

“We call on all parties involved to exercise restraint and to avoid a dangerous escalation. We count on the States in the region to find a solution to the existing problems, through political and diplomatic means”, added, in a statement, the ministry overseen by Sergei Lavrov.

Scotland calls on parties to comply with UN resolutions

Scottish Prime Minister Humza Yousaf today urged the international community to “demand” that parties involved in the Middle East conflict “comply” with UN Security Council resolutions, including an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza.

Speaking to the British television channel Sky News, Yousaf said he “condemns” Iran’s attack on Israel.

“There will not be a military solution to the conflict in the Middle East, there will only be a political and diplomatic solution. We cannot afford to see more loss of life, because innocent civilians have already paid too high a price for their actions of some countries and so we need to see a de-escalation rather than a new escalation in the region,” said the Scottish leader.

Ireland calls for military escalation to be avoided

The new Irish Prime Minister and Christian Democrat leader of the Fine Gael party, Simon Harris, today “vehemently” condemned the “reckless and large-scale attack on Israel” carried out by Iran and urged both parties to avoid “any escalation of action military”.

“I appeal to both parties to show restraint and avoid any escalation of military action and the devastation it would cause,” Harris added in the note.

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