ADele Jodr, who directs this regional branch of the United Nations Children’s Fund, added that “probably all children will be traumatized, because they went through something that no child should go through”, when speaking during a ceremony in Tokyo.

The UNICEF leader’s statements were made during an event in Tokyo and broadcast on Japanese public television NHK.

Jodr stressed that “every time there is an attack, there are children killed, because Gaza has a very young population concentrated in a very small area.”

He added that there are 37,000 children who suffer from severe malnutrition and that 17,000 are left with organs, which puts them at risk of abuse and exploitation.

There are still many others who suffered serious injuries, including the loss of a limb, circumstances that could be fatal for them, given the critical situation of the health system in the Gaza Strip.

“If they were in a normal place, where there was a normal hospital, a hospital equipped with the necessary medical supplies and material they could have been saved,” he said.

For all of this, Jodr, who is Lebanese, called for an immediate ceasefire and the involvement of the international community so that the necessary aid reaches children who need it.

The most recent report from health authorities in the Gaza Strip is that 37,347 Palestinians have died, of which more than 15,700 are children, since the beginning of the military offensive launched by Israel on October 7, following the unprecedented attack by the Islamist movement. Hamas in Israeli territory, which left around 1,200 dead and more than two hundred hostages.

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