In California, United States, specifically in the city of Sebastopol, the authorities experienced a particular persecution that involved a little pig.

Despite his small size, Pickels gave police officers a tough job, as he was chased for several blocks after escaping from his owner.

The elusive little pig was intercepted and returned home, after a few attempts.

On social media, the Sebastopol Police Department shared some humorous images of Pickels’ pursuit. Citizens even participated in it.

“Uniforms arrived and located the described pig, who “He proved to be very fast and strong for an animal of his size,” they commented.

Police joked about the episode, stating that “officers Whitehall and Thomas used discretion and chose not to charge Pickles. Instead, “We felt it was beneficial to simply reprimand him for fleeing from the authorities.”

The owner of the pig commented on the publication and thanked the Police for their great and hard work. “I am very grateful to the Police for helping me catch Pickels. A farmer and three businessmen also joined the chase. Thanks to you, the little pig is with us,” she said.


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