Emma Coronel, wife of Mexican drug baron Joaquin ‘El Chapo’, has already been released after serving a prison sentence for helping her husband manage his “empire”, the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons has confirmed.

The confirmation comes after the international press reported that the 34-year-old woman would be released this Wednesday.

In 2021, ‘El Chapo’s’ wife confessed – as part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors – to having collaborated with her husband in the Sinaloa drug cartel, namely in money laundering, illegal distribution of drugs and in financial transactions.

In June, she was transferred from a prison in Texas to a low-security prison in Los Angeles, California. According to the news agency The Associated Press (AP), the woman must now serve four years of probation.

Also according to the AP, Emma Coronel expressed “true regret for any and all harm” when she was sentenced.

Emma Coronel and ‘El Chapo’ got married in 2007, when the woman was just 18 years old, and together they have two twin daughters, born in 2011.

The 66-year-old husband, who led one of the world’s largest drug cartels, was sentenced to life in prison for transporting at least 1,200 tons of cocaine to the United States over 25 years.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2399251/condenada-em-2021-mulher-de-el-chapo-ja-foi-libertada

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