Many Colombians dream of having a dual nationality that allows them to travel, study, work and live in another country without losing their connection with Colombia.

However, obtaining citizenship of another country can be a long, expensive and complicated process, depending on the laws and requirements of each place.
Therefore, it is important to know what they are countries that grant nationality free or easily to Colombians, whether for reasons of descent, marriage, residence or investment.

Some countries that grant nationality to Colombians

Thanks to the so-called grandchildren law, the Colombians Those who prove that their parents or grandparents were born in Spain can apply for Spanish nationality without giving up Colombian nationality.

The Government of Spain It is estimated that some 350,000 descendants of Spanish emigrants in the world will benefit from this law.

Furthermore, Colombians who legally residing in Spain for two years can opt for nationality by residence.

Colombians who marry a Brazilian citizen, adopt a child from this country or sponsor a rainforest in Brazil They can obtain Brazilian nationality at no cost.

Colombians who have a child born in Brazil can also apply for it, although They will have to wait 10 months to do so. In all cases, It is required to master the Portuguese language and comply with the legal regulations of the country.

People from Colombia who have the permanent residence in Canada for three years They can apply for Canadian citizenship, as long as they file taxes, are fluent in English or French, and pass a knowledge test about the country.

The application fee is 630 Canadian dollars (1,829,374 COP) for adults and 100 dollars (290,376 COP) for minors.

Canada is a country that offers many opportunities for study, work and quality of life for immigrants.

Dominican Republic
Colombians who invest at least $200,000 ($11,740,000) in real estate, businesses or projects of national interest in the Dominican Republic can access Dominican citizenship in just six months.

Colombians can also obtain it who reside legally in the country for two years, as long as they demonstrate good conduct, economic solvency and knowledge of the Dominican language and culture.

People who are over 21 years old, have been working in Singapore for at least two years and are of good moral character can apply for Singaporean citizenship, which will allow them to enjoy one of the most developed, safest and prosperous countries in the world.

However, Singapore does not admit dual nationality, so Colombians who want to obtain it must renounce their Colombian nationality.


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