For Colombians interested in professional growth in other countries, there are opportunities that allow them to work abroad. without the need for a traditional visa.

Thanks to bilateral agreements and special programs, Certain countries offer the possibility of employment for one year to Colombian citizens, thus promoting cultural and professional exchange.

In which countries can Colombians work without a visa for a year?

  • Argentina: Colombians can work in Argentina without a visa. This country offers diverse job opportunities and a rich culture to explore.

  • Brazil: They can work in this country without requiring a prior visa. Life in cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo attract many Colombians.

  • Bolivia: It is another accessible destination for Colombians. Its cultural diversity and landscapes make working there an enriching experience.

  • Chile: It is known for its economic stability and quality of life. Colombians can work in this country without a visa for one year.

  • Ecuador: The natural beauty of this country and its growing economy offer job opportunities for Colombians. No visa is required to work there.

  • Peru: It is an attractive destination for Colombians. From Machu Picchu to Peruvian gastronomy, working in this country is an excellent option.

  • Paraguay: It is a less explored place, but equally interesting. Colombians can work there without a visa for one year.

  • Uruguay: With its quality of life and beautiful beaches, it also allows Colombians to work without a visa.

In addition to these countries, there are other international agreements that facilitate labor mobility for Colombians. For example:

Andean Migratory Statute

This agreement between the countries of the Andean Community (CAN) allows the citizens of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia can temporarily reside in any of these territories without the need for a visa. Colombians can remain up to 180 days as tourists and then apply for a renewable temporary residence.

Pacific alliance

Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru make up this alliance. Through the Vacation and Work Program, young people between 18 and 30 years old can work for pay in these countries while enjoying a recreational experience.


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