In a phenomenon that has captured the imagination of many, Some countries have begun to offer houses for as little as one dollar ($3,892 COP).

This movement, mainly observed in Italy, seeks to revitalize communities that face the risk of becoming ghost towns due to depopulation.

How does selling houses for one dollar work?

In places like Ollolai y Maenza, In Italy, abandoned houses are sold for one dollar with the aim of attracting new residents. However, there is one important condition: Buyers must commit to renovating properties within a set timeframe, which can involve significant additional investment.

How can Colombians access these houses?

For Colombians interested in acquiring these properties, the process begins with research and contacting local authorities or program organizers in the country of interest. It is essential to understand the terms and conditions, as well as renewal costs and time frames.

Steps to buy houses for one dollar from Colombia

  1. Investigation: Search online for locations that offer these homes and understand the specific requirements.
  2. Contact: Establish communication with municipal authorities or real estate agents in charge of the program.
  3. Visit: if possible, it is recommended to be local to see the properties in person.
  4. Commitment: Be prepared to sign a renewal document and comply with local regulations.
  5. Transaction: make the purchase and Follow legal procedures for transferring ownership.

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Countries where you can buy houses for one dollar


  • Sambuca: In southern Italy, by 2019, the village here became famous for selling abandoned and dilapidated houses for just over a dollar. The objective was to reverse rural depopulation.

    The news went viral and soon other places in Italy, from the Alps to Sicily, followed suit. Although some buyers have already moved in and restored these homes, there are still opportunities available.

It’s alright

On the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, this town offers hundreds of abandoned houses for just 1.2 dollars. A unique opportunity for those looking for a change of life and They are willing to invest in the restoration of these properties.


Depending on the state, you can find extremely cheap houses. For example, in the state of Amazonas, the prices are incredibly low. Some properties can cost even less than the normal price of a car.


Legrad launched a program to attract young labor and repopulate its community. They offer homes at very low prices.

Important considerations

If you want to venture into searching for these offers, follow these tips:

  • Visit official city websites for listings of available properties and application forms.
  • Although many buyers have purchased properties without visiting them first, It is advisable that you view the area before closing the deal.
  • Remember to pay a security deposit (between 2,000 and 5,000 euros) and commit to restoring the property within the next three years.

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