Travel history can influence the consular decision when granting a United States visa. If you have visited certain countries, you can demonstrate financial strength and commitment to returning to your country of originsince they are strategies that can increase your chances during the interview.

Countries that recommend having visited in order to acquire the American visa


Italy is known for its rich history, art and gastronomy. If you have visited Italy previously, you can highlight this experience in your visa application.

Furthermore, Italy is part of the Visa Exemption Program (VWP), which means that Italian citizens can travel to the United States without needing a visa. Take advantage of this advantage and get to know Rome, Florence and Venice.


Japan combines modernity with tradition in a unique way. If you have visited Tokyo, Kyoto or Mount Fuji, this may be a point in your favor.

Although Japan is not in the VWP, its status as a strategic ally of the United States could positively influence its application.

Schengen Area Nations

Travel to countries in the Schengen Area, such as France, Germany or Spaincan be beneficial, since visiting them requires compliance with safety and economic solvency standards similar to those of the US.

United Kingdom and Canada

These countries have strict immigration and visa controls. A history of travel to these nations may be a positive indication to U.S. consular officers.

Visa Application Tips

  • Maintain a clean, uneventful travel history.
  • Keep documentation of your previous trips.
  • Demonstrate strong ties to your home country.

How do you know that your visa has been denied?

Finding out if you have been denied a US visa can be a frustrating experience. Here are some signs that could indicate that your application has been rejected:

  1. Denial letter: If you receive an official document from the embassy or consulate, it is a direct confirmation that your visa has been rejected.
  2. Unfavorable interview: If the officer displays skepticism or asks pointed questions about your travel intentions, you may not have left a positive impression.
  3. Lack of sufficient documentation: files that cannot support your application, the visa will likely be denied.
  4. Criminal record or inadmissibility: Your visa is likely to be denied.
  5. History of previous denials– If you have been previously rejected, this could affect your current application.

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