“Fhi made History. We managed to approve a robust legislative framework on how to deal with migration and asylum in the European Union [UE]. It took more than ten years to come to fruition, but we kept our word”, wrote Roberta Metsola on the social network X (formerly Twitter), shortly after the vote.

In the EP president’s view, the new Pact on Migration and Asylum is a “balance between solidarity and responsibility” and this “is the European way” of doing things.

The EP today gave the final green light to the vast reform of the European Union’s migration and asylum policy, which provides for the fight against illegal immigration and mandatory solidarity between member states, after four years of discussions.

At the mini-session of the European Parliament, which began today in Brussels, MEPs approved by a majority the 10 legislative texts that make up the new EU Pact on Migration and Asylum, which was proposed in 2020 for an equitable sharing of responsibilities between Member States. members and solidarity coordination in the face of migratory flows.

This vote was seen as the last opportunity to approve the document before the European elections next June, after over the last four years it has been possible, within the EU, to overcome many of the tensions between the 27 member states, which still maintain different views on migration policy.

The reform of the European bloc’s migration and asylum policy has been criticized by several migrant defense associations, with today’s vote being interrupted for a few minutes by the protest of dozens of activists in the hemicycle, who shouted: “This pact kills , don’t vote.”

After this approval by the European assembly, the final vote in the Council (the body in which the 27 member states are) is scheduled for April 29th by qualified majority, according to European sources.

This reform foresees, from the outset, reinforced control over the arrivals of migrants to the EU, faster transfers of those who do not have the right to asylum and a mandatory solidarity mechanism for the benefit of Member States under greater migratory pressure.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2538095/demorou-mas-foi-feita-historia-com-novo-pacto-de-migracoes-da-ue

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