CIf Trump pays 175 million dollars (around 160 million euros) within 10 days, he will be able to prevent, for some time, the State from seizing his assets, while the Republican presidential candidate is also appealing the sentence.

Trump’s lawyers had asked a state appeals court to stop the charge, saying it was “a practical impossibility” to get a bondsman to sign a bond for such a large amount.

The decision was issued by the state appeals court where Trump seeks to overturn a lower court judge’s decision on February 16, which determined that the businessman committed financial fraud by lying about his wealth to gain favor in his business.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, said last month that if Trump doesn’t have the money to pay, she will seek to seize his assets and is “prepared to ensure the judgment is paid.”

Trump considers this trial to be a politically motivated conspiracy by Democrats, whom he accuses of trying to empty the coffers of his presidential campaign, where he will face the incumbent President, Joe Biden.

“I intended to use much of this hard-earned money to run for president. They don’t want me to do that,” Trump wrote on the social media site Truth Social, accusing Democrats of “election interference.”

Asset seizure is a common legal option when someone does not have the money to pay a court judgment.

In Trump’s case, potential targets could include properties such as his Trump Tower penthouse in downtown New York, aircraft, office buildings on Wall Street in New York’s financial district, or golf courses.

The attorney general may also seize bank and investment accounts.

On Friday, Trump stated on social media that he has almost 500 million dollars (around 460 million euros) in cash, but he intends to use a large part of that amount in his presidential run.

Trump’s debt stems from a months-long civil trial last fall over allegations that he, his company and top executives inflated their wealth in financial statements, deceiving banks and insurance companies with whom they did business.

Trump and the other defendants have denied any wrongdoing, saying the statements actually understated their wealth.

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