A police officer was approached by four criminals who were trying to steal her vehicle. The woman tried to defend herself from the criminals, she took out her weapon and one of them, upon seeing her reaction, walked away from the car and then shot her twice in the chest. The agent was rushed to a healthcare center.

According to Todo Noticias, The victim was identified as Jessica Vanina Díaz. At the time of the attack she was neither on duty nor in uniform, as she had just arrived for her son. A video from cameras at the scene shows the moment when she was intercepted by the criminals, who arrived on two motorcycles.

The event occurred in La Tablada, Argentina. In a video of approximately 12 seconds, you can see when the thieves move away from the vehicle, she gets out and fires a shot to try to persuade the criminals, but one of them activates her gun against her agent. They all fled.

The Police are still on the trail of the thieves who are still at large. On the other hand, The agent was rushed by her family to the Balestrini hospital.. There she was operated on and is out of danger.

The region’s security minister, Waldo Wolff, She spoke out minutes after the attack on her .

“She is being operated on at the Balestrini Hospital. With all the tools of the law, we are going to search for these criminals until we find them and make them pay for this atrocity.. We pray for Jessica Vanina Díaz,” added the minister.

The official, after giving his statements on social networks, went to the hospital to accompany the victim’s relatives and took the opportunity to give statements to Todo Noticias. He there he maintained: “He has a shot that entered his chest and lodged in his liver.”.

Wolff closed his interview by talking about the security of the Police in that region, since these cases occur very frequently. Regarding criminals, He said he will not stop until he finds those responsible for the attack on the officer.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/delincuentes-le-disparan-a-quema-ropa-a-mujer-policia-para-robarle-el-carro-quedo-en-video-rg10

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