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Avocado toast has established itself as one of the flagship recipes for brunches or savory breakfasts. Easy to make, it is a consistent and tasty preparation that lasts until the next meal. Although the recipe appears very simple, there are still a few secrets to know to make it perfect and irresistible.

In fact, in his column on RTL, Cyril Lignac tackled this great classic and revealed all his tips for doing it at home.

The first thing is to find the ideal bread to accompany the avocado. For this, Cyril Lignac chooses wholemeal bread or cereal bread which he will toast and then rub with olive oil.

Regarding cooking the egg, the chef recommends placing a cookie cutter in the pan so that the egg is nicely round. Cook it inside, starting by cooking the white first. Once it starts to cook a little, you can place the yolk on top. You will thus have a perfect and very regular egg.

For the avocado, you can cut it thinly into slices or mash it with a fork. Don’t forget to add some spices and a little shallot for flavor.

Finally, for even more flavor, Cyril Lignac recommends seasoning the eggs with a spice blend called Dukkah. There is a mix of cumin, sesame, sunflower seeds, pistachio and ras-el-hanout. And for the final touch, a drizzle of olive oil and a little feta will do the trick.

All you have to do is enjoy!


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