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For snack time, Cyril Lignac has imagined a delicious recipe emblematic of French pastry. Indeed, on the airwaves of RTL, the chef decided to revisit the famous lemon cake. Its goal ? Take advantage of “the peak season of leafy lemons, Nice lemons”. These are “less acidic but much more fragrant than those usually found in stores”. And in addition to the recipe, Mercotte’s sidekick in Le Meilleur Pâtissier also shares a tip that will clearly help you in the preparation of this fruity cake. Cyril Lignac prepares a special lemon syrup.“We’re going to take the zest with sugar, the extra lemon juice and then when the cake is hot, you’re going to pour the lemon juice and this syrup over the hot cake. This will allow the juice to enter the cake and make it super soft,” he explains. Ingenious, right?


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