The Argentine Police used this Wednesday, April 10, 2024, water cannons to disperse a protest in Buenos Aires while social movements took to the streets to oppose the austerity measures of President Javier Milei.

Protesters They marched along 9 de Julio Avenue, one of the most important avenues in Buenos Aires, and interrupted traffic. They wanted to highlight the plight of the working class and popular sectors who, they say, are the most affected by government cuts aimed at curbing rampant inflation.

Javier Milei has implemented austerity measures including painful cuts to state spending, subsidy cuts and pruning of the public sector.

Argentina is struggling to reduce one of the highest inflation levels in the world, with an annual rate of more than 275%, even as it faces rising poverty, stagnating economic activity and the impact of strict capital controls that hamper business.

The riots this Wednesday left 11 people detained after the application of what is known in Argentina as the “anti-picketing plan” or protocol to preserve public order.


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