O leader of the PP, the largest formation in Spain’s parliament, last week considered the pacts signed by the socialist party (PSOE) for the reappointment of Pedro Sánchez as prime minister “shameful agreements”.

The independenceists will “condition the governability of the Spanish nation in the coming months or years” and achieved an amnesty “without making a single concession or showing the slightest regret”, quite the opposite, said Feijóo.

“The agreements with the independentists break the equality of Spaniards before the law”, “convert crimes into legal acts”, “also humiliate the judiciary” and give “a new impetus to independence”, he added.

Feijóo called for a “firm and calm reaction” from all “Spanish democrats” and promised “institutional, legal, political and social” opposition, considering that there are “increasing reasons to participate” in protests like today’s on the streets.

The amnesty negotiated between the PSOE and the Catalans has already taken thousands of people to the streets every day, in demonstrations called on social media by far-right groups in front of PSOE headquarters across the country, early in the evening.

These demonstrations have been supported by Vox, the far-right party that is the third largest formation in Spain’s parliament.

In the demonstrations in front of the PSOE national headquarters, in Madrid, there have been, on several occasions, disturbances, police charges, several people arrested and others injured.

According to the police, the disturbances and police charges were due to radical and violent groups that infiltrated the majority of peaceful protesters.

The PSOE suspended activity at party headquarters in the afternoon due to the possibility of violent gatherings in front of the buildings.

In addition to the PSOE, leaders of other parties, including the PP, condemned the violent demonstrations near the socialists’ headquarters.

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, said that the Government ordered police charges against peaceful and legal demonstrations and asked the police to “not comply with illegal orders if they happen again”.

Abascal also promised “long civil resistance” to the socialists’ agreements with Catalan independentists.

Following the Spanish elections on July 23, the PSOE reached agreements with Catalan, Basque and Galician nationalist and independence parties that include an amnesty for Catalan independence activists convicted or facing charges related to the region’s attempt at self-determination.

The Spanish parliament is expected to reappoint Sánchez as prime minister this week.

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