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Wednesday June 5, the Top Chef candidates faced each other in the quarter-finals. The three cooks still in the running were surprised to find Clotaire the big winner of the Hidden Brigade alongside Pierre Gagnaire. All four had to exceed their limits on the first test by creating trompe-l’oeil as real as life. Then, by impressing the three-star chef David Munoz who expected the candidates to break the codes and reinvent tasting.

Finally at the end of these two tests, it was Marie, the candidate from Philippe Etchebest’s brigade who left the competition. A particularly moving departure. The young woman received the support of her comrades, in particular Valentin who gave a very beautiful speech about her. Of course, Chef Etchebest also supported the young chef. Marie rightly returned to the MOF’s comments about her.

Since the first day of the show, Marie proclaimed it loud and clear: her dream was to succeed in entering the brigade of Philippe Etchebest, her idol. The young woman can rejoice because it is done. Together, they reached the quarter-finals. A real shock duo. Moreover, Philippe Etchebest is full of praise for Marie: “Since we really became just the two of us, I have learned to know you and appreciate you very quickly and to admire your capacity for resilience, which is incredible”.

In an interview given to Leisure TVshe explains that she is happy with her journey in the competition and only keeps the positive in mind: “When we both left the set, chef Etchebest kept telling me that he was sorry and that he would have liked to carry me further. I told him that it wasn’t serious and that I had a great career. I wanted to participate in Top Chef since I was little, I wanted to work with him. I have no regrets for not having taken him to the final.

Since then, the young woman has not heard from her mentor, but nevertheless knows that he will be there for her if necessary: “He has my number, we haven’t contacted each other since, but he has his whole business and I work too. I know that if I need to contact him, I can do so”.

The most important thing for her is that her dream has come true. She simply remembers that chef Etchebest was a perfect coach for her: “It totally lived up to my expectations. I just wanted to be with Philippe Etchebest because of his nag side while I have flowers in my hair. He was totally with me and the story is beautiful because he is very technical, which I am not. When I explained my recipe to him, he initially said no but we ended up getting along.”


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