The Peruvian president, Dina Boluarte, described this Saturday as arbitrary, abusive and disproportionate the raid that the Prosecutor’s Office carried out at his home and to the Government Palace as part of a corruption investigation, which he said he will only speak about in the Prosecutor’s Office, and blamed the media for organizing a campaign of harassment against him.

“There has never been, as has been said, any refusal or rebellion on my part in the face of the tax investigation, quite the contrary, “I have appeared at this instance making myself available, so the early morning measure is arbitrary, disproportionate and abusive,” Boluarte stated in a statement without questions.

Around midnight on Friday and until Saturday morning, a tax team of police and prosecutors raided the president’s home and the Government Palace as part of the preliminary investigation opened for the alleged commission of the crime of illicit enrichment, for not having declared luxury watches before the National Elections Jury (JNE).

Accompanied by the ministerial cabinet and amidst great expectation, the president said that it is “respectful of the tax investigation”, but that he rejects the way in which it is done, “in a discriminatory and unconstitutional manner.”

In this sense, He criticized the breaking of the lock on his homein the Lima district of Surquillo, since his family did not have time to open the door and said that this arbitrary measure affects the rights of his family and also the governability of the country.

“Since when does a sector of the press care about what the president wears or does not wear? I want to believe that it is not because of a sexist or discrimination issue,” He said before adding that he has been taken “directly to the preliminary investigation when previous proceedings were established for former presidents.”

Regarding the origin of the luxury watches that he has worn on numerous public occasions and that until now he has not explained, he reiterated that, on the recommendation of his defense, He is not going to refer to the case in public until he goes to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“On the recommendation of my lawyer, I am not going to testify on the issue of the watches until I testify before the Prosecutor’s Office to clarify the facts,” he said.

On the other hand, the president stated that is the victim of a campaign of “systematic harassment” by the press, which he accused of spreading biased and false news about his assets.

She expressed that from now on she herself would go to the media to give “the other side of the coin.”

He listed various journalistic investigations that have questioned his assets.the loss of the logbook of visits to his home a few weeks ago and the alleged cover-up of the founder of the Peru Libre party, convicted of corruption and currently a fugitive from justice.

Boluarte was a member of that party and with its initials he ran in the elections alongside former president Pedro Castillo.

“Do you realize? I have been systematically harassed with biased and false news,” declared.

“Enough of using some media outlets to generate chaos and uncertainty to the detriment of the country. Enough of generating smoke screens to change the direction of the news. Enough of wanting to generate a plot against the country,” she said.

He concluded his statement by calling for national unity, for Democratic congressmen to defend institutionality and reiterated that he entered the Executive with clean hands and will leave the same way in 2026.


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