O NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the organization has already expelled Russian officials from its headquarters in Brussels on suspicion of espionage.

“We expelled Russian officials from NATO headquarters. We discovered that they were carrying out activities that were not diplomatic, but rather espionage work”explained Stoltenberg in an interview with Bild, published this Friday.

To the German publication, the leader of the alliance also mentioned that the countries that make up the organization have already taken the same actions. “The issue is being raised by NATO allies,” he explained.

The defensive alliance also pointed out that Russian secret services have been “active in European countries for many years”, but assured that NATO countries are aware of these situations. “And we are also taking measures to hinder the Russian secret services and their illegal activity”, he said.

The official also spoke about the possibility of there being a European Union army, an idea that arises in the context of the conflict in Eastern Europe. “The European Union is not here to defend Europe. NATO is here to defend Europe”pointed.

But still regarding the role of the organization, Stoltenberg stressed that it had a “preventive” objective, in that it did not exist to create war, but rather to “prevent” conflicts – linking Europe to North America.

“I don’t believe in North America alone. I don’t believe in Europe alone. I believe in North America and Europe together – because together we are 50% of the world’s military power, 50% of the world’s economic power. As long as we are together, we will be insurance”he defended.

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