Observing a solar eclipse is a fascinating and unique experience that requires preparation to enjoy safely.

This natural phenomenon, where the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, offers a unique spectacle that It attracts amateurs and professionals alike.

Although not all of the United States will be able to experience the solar eclipse in its maximum splendor, NASA estimates that about 99% of Americans will be able to see the Sun covered, at least a little.

NASA scientist Nicholeen Viall explains that “some people will be able to see the corona or atmosphere of the sun peeking around the moon.”

Recommendations for viewing the solar eclipse on April 8

More than 31 million people will be able to observe the eclipse in its entirety, but for that you must take the appropriate precautions, since if you see the sun directly without eye protection it can cause irreparable damage to your eyes. Here are these key guidelines:

Eclipse Glasses and Handheld Solar Viewers

  • During the partial phases of the eclipse (before and after totality), use observation glasses or handheld solar viewers. These special filters block the sun’s harmful rays and allow you to enjoy the event safely.
  • Important: eclipse glasses They are not ordinary sunglasses. Make sure they meet the international standard ISO 12312-2 and always inspect their condition before using them.

Observation during totality

  • During the wholeWhen the Moon completely covers the Sun, You can momentarily remove your eclipse glasses without damaging your vision.

Indirect observation methods

If you don’t have eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer, there are safe alternatives:

pinhole projector

  • Create a pinhole projector with a small aperture (like a hole punched in a file card). Project the image of the sun onto a nearby surface. Avoid looking directly through the hole.
  • The circular holes of a strainer also They project crescent figures during the partial phases of the eclipse.

What will be the impact on people and animals at the time of the solar eclipse?

That day, during the solar eclipse, animals will show different behaviors, reacting as if night were coming.

Likewise, people will have the opportunity to witness this phenomenon through special flights or traveling to the mainland, living an experience that will last 4 minutes and 28 seconds. Furthermore, the next similar event is planned for the year 2045.

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