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It is important to store food properly so as not to risk becoming a victim of food poisoning. Salmonella, listeria or e.coli: bacterial contamination quickly occurs. Sometimes it is difficult to know the best way to preserve food. When it comes to eggs, for example, there is usually a debate between those who opt for the fridge and those who do not. Know, first of all, that it is advisable to place the eggs away from light and humidity. It is best to keep them at room temperature. Nevertheless, the Allo Docteur website explains that it is preferable to store them in the refrigerator, at a temperature between 5 and 8°C, especially if the outside temperature begins to rise and exceed 20°C.

The problem ? When we cook, sometimes we are left with just egg yolks or whites. How to best preserve them? What is the best method to adopt to avoid getting sick? The New York Times took up the tips of American Egg Council and thus elucidated this mystery. We tell you more.

As New York Time indicates in one of its articles, it is possible to store raw egg whites for 4 days as long as you keep them in an airtight container and in the refrigerator. You can even extend this period if you freeze them. By opting for freezing, you can use them for up to a year.

Regarding egg yolks, the situation is different. These are more delicate and need to be eaten much more quickly since they can become lumpy and gelatinous. To avoid this, it is recommended to beat them then add a pinch of salt and sugar before freezing them and that’s it!


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