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Do you know about reverse typing? A simple technique that will allow you to cook all types of meat perfectly, without the need for professional equipment. An oven, a stove, a little patience and that’s it!

Traditionally, when we want to cook meat, we tend to sear it for a few moments in a very hot pan, or on the barbecue, before continuing to cook it in the oven. This is precisely what will make the meat dry. What if, to remedy this problem, it was enough to reverse the steps? Start by drying your piece of meat in the air with a clean cloth. Then let it cook slowly, in the oven, between 90° and 120° depending on its thickness. The cooking time also depends on this criterion so trust yourself. This slow cooking at low temperature will allow the meat to be cooked evenly. Finally, place it in a very hot pan or place it on the grill for a few minutes to create a nice crispy coating and keep the juice inside.

All you have to do is accompany this perfectly cooked piece of meat with a good dauphinois gratin, carrot puree or braised fennel. Enjoy your food !

Invented in 2001 in New York by Chris Finney, this method revolutionizes the cooking of meat by making it tender and juicy. It was after countless attempts, and probably a little luck, that the magic finally worked.

If this method is so popular today, it is obviously because it allows any meat to be cooked to perfection, but also because it drastically reduces the risks associated with consuming raw meat. If you check part of the meat for doneness, the rest will be just as cooked, which is not always the case with traditional cooking techniques. In short, reverse typing is simply brilliant. Try it, you risk not being able to do without it!


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