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After the potato and mushroom omelette, here is the chicken omelette. From its real name, oyako donburi, this Japanese specialty has something to please you. Served in a large bowl, a donburi, this dish full of flavors risks becoming the new must-have for fun and healthy cuisine. See for yourself !

As with every time you make rice, you may have some left over. What to do with it to avoid throwing it away? Good question ! Fried rice can be a great solution. To prepare it, simply brown the already cooked rice in oil over high heat. Then pour in the topping of your choice, usually beaten egg and shrimp. Let it cook for a few minutes, season and it’s ready!

Once cooked, rice becomes a food susceptible to bacterial contamination. It is essential to store it as quickly as possible in the refrigerator in an airtight container and to consume it within 7 days maximum.


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