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The Yuka application has become a reference in health and nutrition in France. Its goal ? Help consumers as best as possible by highlighting the composition of numerous food and cosmetic products available in supermarkets. The grade awarded is based on three important criteria : nutritional quality, presence of additives and origin (organic or not). After sifting through dozens of references of red fruit jams, aperitif biscuits and chocolate bars, the Yuka application was interested in ketchup brands.

The ranking begins with in tenth position, ketchup from the Jardin Bio brand. With a score of 49/100, this one is considered too salty and too sweet, but it remains more qualitative than many others. Now let’s move on to ninth place, occupied by Regalo’s Tomato ketchup. Despite its moderate calorie content (94 kcal per 100g), the product nevertheless contains a little too much sugar and salt. In eighth position, we then find the Amora brand tomato ketchup. Seventh place is then awarded to Tomato ketchup from Heinz, rated 54/100. Just like previous products, the Yuka application criticizes it for too high a quantity of sugar and salt. Tomato ketchup from the Kania brand took sixth place with a score of 60/100. It is closely followed by Heinz Tomato Bio ketchup in fifth position. The Kania brand’s low-fat tomato ketchup took fourth place in the ranking with a score of 69/100.

On the podium, three brands of ketchup particularly stand out. In third position, 50% less sugar/salt ketchup from the Heinz brand obtains a score of 72/100. Low in calories thanks to its excellent quantity of vegetables (80% per 100g), the product loses a few points because of the presence of a sweetener. Second place is awarded to Tomato Bio ketchup from the Kania brand. With a score of 73/100, the latter stands out due to its low calorie and saturated fat content. The only downside: its too high dosage of sugar and salt. And the reference that wins all the votes from the Yuka application is… The 5 ingredient ketchup from the Amora brand with a score of 75/100. The composition of this product is praised compared to other references.


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