UA young man, aged 28, who was on board the Singapore Airlines flight, in which one person died and dozens were injured due to turbulence, said that the plane suffered a “dramatic crash” and the passengers were thrown.

Speaking to Reuters, Malaysian student Dzafran Azmir recalled how it all happened, about three hours before the end of the trip between London and Singapore.

Dzafran had the sensation that the Boeing 777-300R plane was tilting upwards and starting to shake. Despite having seat belts, many of the other passengers did not.

“Suddenly, there was a very dramatic fall and everyone who was sitting and not wearing a seat belt was immediately thrown towards the ceiling, some people hit their heads on the roof of the luggage compartments and dented it, hit the places where they are the lights and the masks and crossed it,” Dzafran said.

“People fell to the ground, my cell phone flew out of my hand and ended up in some corridors nearby, people’s shoes were thrown everywhere”, he added.

Remember that 30 people were injured and a 73-year-old British man died, according to The New York Times. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Bangkok.

“The crew and people in the bathrooms were the most affected, because we discovered people on the ground who were unable to get up. There were many spinal and head injuries”, said the student, recalling that when the plane landed , several health professionals entered the aircraft.

“I don’t think they anticipated the seriousness of the situation,” he said, explaining that it took 90 minutes to evacuate the plane.

The plane was carrying 211 passengers and 18 crew members, according to the airline.

You can see images of the interior of the aircraft in the photo gallery above.

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