In Venezuela, Citizens have taken to the streets to support the opposition candidacy, whose candidate held his first campaign event on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

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The pollster Datanalisis affirms that more than 70% of Venezuelans plan to vote in the upcoming presidential elections, a figure that contrasts with the 46% that voted in the 2018 elections.

The unification of the main opposition parties in the candidacy of Edmundo González and the leadership of María Corina Machado have been the difference compared to the previous election, when the opposition called for abstention due to the lack of conditions.

“We could be having an election of at least six million voters for the opposition, close to three million voters for the Government,” said Oswaldo Ramírez, political consultant.

Given this scenario that favors the opposition, analysts believe that the election could be suspended alleging a conflict with Guyana or the Opposition Unit card could be annulled on the card, through a decision by the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela.

The truth is In the streets there is great enthusiasm to participate and change the government.

“I want a total change in this country that deserves that, enough is enough. Many things can happen, but one must have faith and hope that this time there will be a change,” said Darling Díaz, a Venezuelan citizen.

The pollster ORC Consultores affirms that The candidate of the Opposition Unit currently has 51% support, while Nicolás Maduro, current president of Venezuela, has 13.5% of voting intentions.

All this happens in the midst of a deteriorating monthly income, rampant inflation and constant failures in public services, which leaves the population in most states of the country without electricity for up to 12 hours.

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