New Zealand researchers They recovered the flight log of the LATAM airline plane, which suffered a sudden crash in mid-flight, ended up throwing the passengers towards the roof and It left fifty people injured. Likewise, they are trying to establish the causes of what has been called, until now, a technical incident.

Everything was normal between the long journey between Sydney, Australia, and Santiago, Chile, with a scheduled stopover in Auckland. But a sudden, sharp jolt left them all breathless.
“There are people who flew because they were not wearing seat belts. The people who were in the bathroom flew through the roof, the stewards too. “There were a lot of people hurt.”said passenger Verónica Martínez about the incident.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, with 272 occupants, was losing altitude without control.

Ellie Addison, another passenger on the LATAM flight, noted that “the plane suddenly took off out of nowhere. Everyone started screaming, crying. People shot out of their seats. There was like blood pouring out of people’s faces.”

And after a few minutes of panic, the flight returned to normal. Shortly afterward they landed in Auckland.

Paramedics were waiting to treat fifty beaten or cut passengers. Ten of them and three crew members required transfer to a hospital. One remains in a serious state. Now, the challenge is to establish the causes of such a dramatic experience.


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