A political ‘green light’ was announced by the Belgian presidency of the EU Council on the social network X (formerly Twitter), indicating that “EU ambassadors have reached an agreement in principle on a reform of the European Peace Support Mechanism in order to support Ukraine with a budget of five billion euros for 2024”.

“The EU remains determined to provide lasting support to Ukraine and ensure that the country receives the military equipment it needs to defend itself”, said the Belgian presidency.

The funds in question were blocked in the Council (at member state level) and are therefore intended to reinforce the MEAP in 2024, an instrument through which EU countries have provided military assistance to Ukraine, providing Kiev with the ammunition that the Ukrainian armed forces need.

Reacting in X to the political endorsement, the head of EU diplomacy welcomed the agreement, highlighting the “clear message” given by the community bloc.

“We will support Ukraine with everything necessary so that it can prevail”, said Josep Borrell.

The Russian military offensive on Ukrainian territory, launched on February 24, 2022, plunged Europe into what is considered the most serious security crisis since the Second World War (1939-1945).

Ukraine’s Western allies have supplied weapons to Kiev and approved successive sanctions packages against Russian interests to try to diminish Moscow’s ability to finance the war effort.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2520995/ue-com-acordo-politico-para-apoiar-kyiv-com-mais-5-mil-milhoes

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