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Easter is just around the corner, so now is the time to stock up on chocolates for the occasion. Eggs, rabbit, chicken and even sheep: it’s hard not to fall in love with so much originality and, above all, deliciousness. To help you in your choice, here are chocolate creations tested and validated by the 750g editorial team!


As beautiful as it is delicious, this Weiss ballotin is one of our favorites. Praline lovers will be delighted to devour these Easter bunnies and bells. Indeed, Weiss praline made from dried fruits is really a safe bet. Dark, white or Oryola chocolate, there will be something for everyone. Enough to find your happiness. Finally, special mention for the illustrations on the box created by Encrerie Marine which are inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Price: €28.90 for 265g

Ballotin Molds Filled with dark, milk and blond Easter chocolate at Weiss


To change rabbits or chickens, the frozen food brand Thiriet is offering a sheep this year. More precisely Léon, the sheep. Besides being absolutely adorable, he’s also irresistibly good. Its subtle taste of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, its hazelnuts, its Breton shortbread and its crunchy chocolate will please everyone. Young and old alike will be delighted, we assure you!

Price: 22.95 euros 700g dessert, 8 parts

Leon the sheep at Thiriet

Chocolate Mathez

It’s the ideal gift for truffle lovers. The Mathez brand is offering a small pink box for Easter containing Fairtrade/Max Havelaar certified cocoa truffles. As we can read on the label’s website: “Opting for this label means supporting in a concrete way farmers and salaried workers in the southern hemisphere and the transition to sustainable agricultural practices”. A good deed that pleases the taste buds, what more could you ask for?

Price: €12 for 100g

Mathez Chocolate Truffles


In its Easter collection, the Cluizel house “revisits the iconic Easter icons and, like Alice in Wonderland, allows us to let ourselves be guided by a gallery of characters with atypical lines: eggs, rabbits, squirrels, koalas, chickens”. Chocolate creations that will delight children. In addition to being particularly well made, they are also incredibly delicious with very intense aromatic notes of 45% milk and 72% dark. Something to make people happy for Easter!

Price: 28 euros

Cluizel, Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny

Alleno Rivoire

Maison Alleno and Rivoire prove to us that indulgence is not just about sugar. Indeed, refined sugar, butter or even cream are absent and leave room for a pure and characterful chocolate which is intended to be very comforting. For Easter, the brand is offering a rocking egg which comes in 4 recipes: the Shortbread Egg (large pieces of Breton shortbread, hazelnut praline and 60% Peruvian milk chocolate); the Egg Meringue (meringue pieces coated with coconut praline chocolate and 75% Indonesian dark chocolate); the Praline Egg (burst of sand rose, abundant praline, 45% Peruvian milk chocolate), the Chocolaté Egg (intense truffle ganache, shards of soft chocolate, 75% Madagascar dark chocolate). We grant you that in the face of so much delicacy, it is difficult to make a choice and elect our favorite. It’s up to you to decide.

Price: 28 euros

The Large Alléno X Rivoire Rocking Egg



For this 2024 edition, Edward chose a theme in line with current events: the Olympic Games, but in a competition reserved for rabbits and eggs. We fell in love with the trompe-l’oeil soft-boiled egg in milk or dark chocolate depending on your preferences and which hides a divine hazelnut or peanut praline inside.

Price: from €22

Boiled egg with milk chocolate and peanut praline Edwart

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini’s Easter collection will make you fall in love, or rather chew. Indeed, the latter is as crispy as possible. The box consists of 12 small praline eggs with seeds and garnished with a chocolate shell. In total, you can test 6 different recipes based on pistachio, dried fruit or even almond. Special mention for the praline chocolate with dried fruits infused with lemon and flax seeds, a great discovery that you will no doubt appreciate too!

Price: 23 euros 132g

Praline Egg Box 6 gourmet recipes Marcolini exclusively at the Lafayette Gourmet galleries

Louis Fouquet

The Louis Fouquet brand reinvents the classic chocolate bar for Easter by transforming it into a little hen accompanied by her chicks. Flavor-wise, there’s no doubt, the house knows how to seduce us. The chocolate bar is garnished with an almond praline and a flowing caramel, a real treat!

Price: 15 euros for 110G

Charlotte la cocotte, bar garnished with almond praline and flowing caramel LOUIS FOUQUET exclusively at the Lafayette Gourmet galleries



Don’t be scared by this spicy fish, it will be absolutely melting once devoured! There is even a little puffer fish that dreamed of being an egg. Inside it hides several types of fish-shaped fried foods in white, milk or dark chocolate, which will please everyone.

Price: €41 for 215g

Puffer fish garnished with milk or black Capon


Plaq stands out for its minimalist but always colorful and very original artistic choice which directly catches the eye and pleases both young and old. For Easter, peanut lovers will be able to enjoy themselves since the brand has focused on a praline that gives them pride of place. Absolutely incredible and totally addictive!

Price: 28 euros 130g

PLAQ egg, Pure milk 58%, peanut praline, PLAQ (excluding the Lafayette Goumet galleries)

Yann Couvreur

White chocolate can sometimes be a bit disgusting, but pastry chef Yann Couvreur shows us that if it is well mastered, it can be absolutely delicious! This is the case of its white chocolate egg seasoned with a little lime for pep and with coconut marshmallows inside for tenderness. An absolutely perfect association that we totally validate!

Price: 12.50 euros

YANN COUVREUR – White Chocolate Egg, Lime Coconut with Coconut Marshmallows inside, 70g

Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette

If you are looking for a gourmet compromise between an Easter chocolate and a dessert for your Easter meal, this is the cake you need. It is a dark chocolate biscuit, a light chocolate ganache and a crunchy hazelnut praline. It is covered with a shiny dark chocolate icing, sprinkled with cocoa nibs. Half a hidden Easter egg topped with a delicious mixture of caramel and hazelnuts.

Price: €30.50 for a 6-part dessert

Available in all Paris Baguette stores from 03/30 to 04/01/2024


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