Australian emergency crews rescued a man who had been trapped in a Brisbane city sewer for about 30 hours, while the Police indicated this Tuesday that they have opened an investigation to clarify what happened.

The subject, about 38 years old, was transferred to a city hospital in stable condition after the rescue. happened on Monday morning, the Ambulance Service of the northeastern state of Queensland, whose capital is Brisbane, told the EFE news agency.

The Police of this jurisdiction, for their part, indicated that The man is collaborating with the authorities following an open investigation into two incidents of dangerous driving that occurred near where the subject was rescued.

According to the official statement sent this Tuesday to EFE, a car hit and escaped from a police vehicle in the early hours of Sunday, only to be involved in another accident minutes later.

The occupants of the suspicious vehicle fled the area on foot after this second accident, emphasize the authorities who review the images from the security cameras.d of the area in search of new clues.

The neighbor who called the emergency teams told the ABC public channel that On Sunday night he saw the man trapped in the sewer with water up to his knees and with a mobile phone in his hand.

However, the trapped man rejected the neighbor’s offer of help at that time, stating that he had gone into the place to recover his mobile phone, according to local media.

“He seemed fine. And he said he could go out the way he came in. So I basically left him alone (…) I thought, if he has a phone and he’s in trouble, he can call the emergency services himself,” declared the neighbor, identified as James Lingwood.

On Sunday morning, when Lingwood was preparing to go for a walk, he again heard noises coming from the sewer, where the man was still trapped, and finally called the firefighters, who took 5 minutes to carry out the rescue.


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