The candidate of the majority anti-Chavista alliance for the presidential elections of July 28, 2024 in Venezuela, Edmundo González Urrutia, assured this Wednesday, April 24, in his first message to the country published on his social networks, that his bet It focuses on the recovery of the nation and carrying out a transition with guarantees.

The candidate – chosen unanimously by the parties that form the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), to which the vote of María Corina Machado was added – committed to building a country “where no one feels afraid of being persecuted for their ideas” and in which “the autonomy and independence of public powers is guaranteed.”

What are Edmundo González’s plans if he wins the elections in Venezuela?

González Urrutia also expressed his concern about “the poverty that is expanding, while inflation persists and the currency (the bolivar) loses real value,” while -he assured- Health and education services are “in regression” and “accentuate inequality.”

The candidate acknowledged that he has ahead of him the challenge of recovering the “decaying water and electricity services” that damage daily life and impede economic growth.

He also showed his concern for “families separated by mass emigration” of citizens leaving the country “even at the risk of their own existence”, a situation in which “no one can be indifferent”.

In this sense, he assured that he was committed to “the return of the exiles and of all Venezuelans who have left and want to return” and with positioning the country so that it “returns to being an international democratic reference.”

Besides, the opponent thanked Machado -winner of the October primaries, but prevented from participating in the elections due to being disqualified- her support, as well as the governor of the state of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, who withdrew his candidacy for the presidential elections to join that of González Urrutia, with which the alliance achieved unity.

Edmundo González sent a message of gratitude and commitment

Likewise, Edmundo González Urrutia expressed his gratitude for the “countless manifestations of solidarity, support and support” which, he stressed, “are a stimulus to continue the path of democratic reconstruction.”

“It is time to march united for the recovery of our democracy, it is time to put aside our differences and work together to achieve electoral victory next July. “I raise the flags of broad and integral unity that provide perspective and vision for the future,” The candidate reiterated that he will seek to defeat Chavismo, in power since 1999.


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